Plastic Extrusion Products and Services for Various Applications

Trust Radd Extrusions Inc. for efficient extruded plastic profile and tubing manufacturing. Our experienced and qualified operators process orders on time and in compliance with your specifications.

In-House Tooling And Engineering

"If you can scratch it on a pad, we can design it in CAD."

Our experts in this department have been producing quality plastic profiles for more than 28 years. We work closely with our customers and ensure that each part meets your specifications.

Plastic Profiles

We manufacture a wide array of products like U channels, profiles, and tubes. You can also rely on our expertise in handling complex profiles such as complicated internal walls and hollows.


We provide prototyping services so you ensure that your plastic profile satisfies your expectations.

In-House Equipment for Tooling

All tooling is made in-house unless time does not permit or if the customer conducts the tooling. For this process, we use:

  • CNC Wire EDM

  • 2 CNC Mills

  • Knee Mill

  • Gear Head Lathe

  • 3D CAD/CAM

Specialized Equipment Services

You can count on us to design and build the equipment needed on bigger orders. This includes those requiring holes, notches, or post-forming. The equipment can be built to go in-line and be an automatic operation to keep the part's cost down.

Secondary and Finishing Work

Some operations require secondary or finishing steps such as threading, post-forming, and minimal runs.


Each manufactured part undergoes strict inspections and fitting gauges and fixtures to check if the dimensions are correct. We recommend that you send fitting pieces from your application to ensure that our parts are a proper fit for them.

Quality Control

Our experts have more than 50 years of combined quality control experience. With their expertise, we are confident that all manufactured products are not only up to industry standards but can also exceed the expectations of our clients.

Quality Counts

Our experienced personnel maintains and cleans all equipment used to ensure the longevity of the tool and the consistency of its performance from one run to the next.

Lead Times

We maintain open communication between all departments to optimize workflow. This allows us to provide the best time frames to our clients. We can work with shorter lead times, approximately 3 to 4 weeks on every order.

Why Choose Us

At Radd Extrusions Inc., we take pride in our capability to work one on one with our customers. We acknowledge and respond to all quote requests promptly. From checking purchased orders to getting the items shipped, our company owners ensure that they are involved in our operations.

Work With Our Team

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Letters of Recommendation

The Team at RADD Extrusion show the highest level of caring customer service and commitment to quality I have experienced in my nearly 50 years of working in manufacturing. They take great pride in their work and it shows in the quality and timely delivery of product. Just as impressive as RADD's extrusion capabilities, is their ability to design, develop and fabricate custom secondary machining equipment all accomplished in their own facilities.

Presently, RADD Extrusion is providing my company with two extruded tube profiles in two colors in various lengths with multiple drilled holes and machined internal threads. RADD Extrusion not only designed and machined the dies and sizers for the tubes but they also designed, developed and fabricated the automated equipment to simultaneously drill twelve holes completely through one tube profile and machine internal threads and drill a hole completely through a second tube profile. If you have occasion to visit the RADD Extrusion facility I welcome you to inspect the secondary machining equipment designed and fabricated by RADD Extrusion for completing secondary operations to our extruded components.
Since starting with extrusion and machining of our various tube profiles RADD Extrusion has completed their first run of an extruded shim and is working on tooling and secondary machining equipment for another three extruded components that go into assembly of our finished products. Given our very favorable experience we anticipate bringing additional components into RADD Extrusion.

We found RADD Extrusion pricing for tooling, secondary machining equipment and the extruded components to be favorable to other Domestic sources and very competitive with off-shore sources given the quality, lead-times and costs associated with International logistics. I strongly recommend that you consider RADD Extrusion for your extrusion needs for a quality product delivered on time at a great price.

President, Accession Inc.

We started using RADD last year. Their quality is great. They spend the extra time to get it right the first time. RADD also has quick turnaround time on tooling and sample parts. They also have a really good lead time. We have improved our quality, and lowered our lead times and cost by switching to RADD. They are also very good at working with you to develop a project. Great people to do business with.

Purchasing Agent, Midwest Industries, Inc