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Quality Counts

Maintaining and cleaning tooling is done by experienced personal only to ensure longevity of the tool and constancy from one run to the next.

Specialized Equipment

If holes, notches, slots or post forming is required we can design and build the equipment need on bigger orders this equipment can be built to go in line and be an automatic operation to keep part cost down.


Some operation require secondary/finishing step like threading or post forming and minimal runs.

Letters of Recommendation

The Team at RADD Extrusion show the highest level of caring customer service and commitment to quality I have experienced in my nearly 50 years of working in manufacturing. They take great pride in their work and it shows in the quality and timely delivery of product. Just as impressive as RADD's extrusion capabilities, is their ability to design, develop and fabricate custom secondary machining equipment all accomplished in their own facilities.

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We have improved our quality, and lowered our lead times and cost by switching to RADD...

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